STS Group History

Al-Sharq for Transportation, Shipping, Maintenance, Petroleum service, Import and Export STS is an Egyptian sole proprietorship established in 2013. STS is established and managed via distinct group of experts, administrators and technicians who contributed to high growth rate and gaining customer confidence in a very short period, and being at a corporate level.

Due to the expansion in business volume and fields STS team and entrepreneurs have established an Egyptian corporate STS Group for investment and trade SAE to suit the volume and fields in 2017.

STS the Corporate and the sole proprietor are one body managed by the same team and having the same resources in addition to acquiring new members to handle the growth STS later on stands for both entities

Our goals

- Gaining maximum customer satisfaction through providing value not service as we believe that sometimes services are not associated with utility so we provide integrated solution to our clients to make sure they have got utility not just service.

- Continuous team development to realize maximum benefit to our clients

- Supporting our clients to achieve their own success

Our mission

Providing maximum benefits to our clients through our provided solutions

Our Values

-I- Human resources

We carefully select our team members, we inspire them justice and team work, support them offer them development aids, understand their suggestions and adopt the good ones.

-II- Values

provide problems solutions or reach required needs is the main standard of service implementation.

-III- Safety

Due to the nature of our work and our clients’ safety is a key function in our performance.


We do believe that the environment we work at should be safe and healthy to our society.

Our Managements

Projects Managements

STS Group have a team of project managers with extensive experience in managing various projects.

The objective of this team is to ensure the quality of the outputs for each phase of the project and that it conforms to the established quality standards within the time frame of the project, taking in our mind the work within the estimated budget.

The team uses the latest methods in the project management system and is considered the engine of any project. Therefore, the company gives great attention to continuous evaluation and development processes to keep track of the progress of the project works in efficiency and ease.


Quality Managements

I - Company have ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001.

II - Quality Management develop policies and quality procedures then explain it to employees and training all team for new policy.

III - Monitoring and audit all internal departments.

IV - Develop policies and development procedures according to customer feedback.


Planning, Auditing and Development Management

- Feasibility study of projects and provide the best solution to customer.

- Preparing a time plan for the phases of the project in coordination with the different departments.

- Follow up all technological developments in the fields of work and determine how to benefit from them in a manner appropriate to the nature of the work and projects carried out by the company.


Safety Management

Failure to follow Safety rules may create a greater risk of injury to our employees and their coworkers and/or may subject our firm to severe penalties. It is important for our employees to follow all required safety policies and procedures for the work they perform.

STS Group employees and subcontractors are required to always Observe the safe work procedures of these tasks that could result in a serious accident

• Follow lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures Never begin work on equipment without isolating all hazardous energy (not just electrical energy)

• Comply with all Arc Flash and other electrical safety procedures Never work on electrical equipment without following all proper electrical safety procedure requirements

• Follow safe requirements for working at heights, including the use of ladders Never improperly use ladders, lifts or scaffolds and never work on roofs without proper fall protection

• Comply with confined space or other work requiring a permit Never perform these types of high-hazard work without proper training and a permit where required ( work, line breaking)

• Follow all STS Group safe driving requirements Never drive while text messaging or while e-mailing on mobile devices. Understand and follow your state/local regulations on use of mobile devices while driving.